Engineered Hardwood

Power Dekor engineered hardwood combines the hardwood's natural durability​, patented locking system and intercrossing construction to ensure the flooring will stand the test of the time. Our engineered hardwood flooring is a product made up a top layer of 4mm Russian Oak, a core and a backing of Swedish pine.

Advantages of the Intercrossing Construction

  • Dimensional stability particularly in variable climatic conditions.

  • Improved performance in crushing and impact, eliminating risk of splits and deterioration in the surface.

  • Guarantee perfect joints between boards on four sides and reduces the risk of warping between boards.

  • Guarantee even surface appearance to reflect the evenness of the board. 

  • Environment-friendly adhesive takes no any harm to your families' health


    Wood is a natural material which is affected by climate changes.Wood flooring moves with the seasons. To minimise movement. it is important to obtain the right balance between the different layers in each board-top,core and backing-and also the right dimensions for each layer.


    Our floors contain no harmful chemical emissions. All our board are kiln-dried and packaged in commercial heavy-duty cardboard to maintain the right moisture content (approx at 7%, 40%RH). This packaging ensure a precisely fitting floor that will arrive in the best condition and ready for installation.


    Patented locking system not only makes installation easier, it also makes the joints tighter. Wood is a natural material that is affected by humidity changes throughout the year. This subjects the joints to huge stress. The patented joint has proved superior to traditional joints in withstanding this type of stress, without gapping. The entire joint construction is made of wood, and completely integrated with the board.


    Good looking and durability are equally important. The surface treatment should be strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, but thin enough so as not disguise the wood's natural luster. That is why we have an extra-strong lacquer. Just a minimum amount gives strong, durable surface that will last for generations.

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