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12mm AquaREPEL Laminate Flooring

Each plank is enhanced with truly realistic textures which are precision-embossed, it will certainly add the real natural look into the woods and beautifully match any interior designs. The four sides micro-bevel edge is in place to create the classic look of any custom hardwood floor at your property.

Do you have kids, pets or a lot of people stepping onto your floor? The best laminate flooring in NZ that you can find with Power Dekor can get through any spills, high traffic and indirect sunlight effects without losing its genuine appeal.

Our new range of 12mm Premium Laminate flooring with AquaREPEL™ technology protects your floor from daily reasonable household spills for up to 24 hours, extra-low-swelling proportion HDF CORE will minimise the floor from changing its original shape due to leaking or flooding.  

***Please note that the photographs of the flooring here may look slightly different to the actual products because of different computer screens.

AquaREPEL water-resistant laminate: An ever-evolving solution for your flooring

While natural wood is never out of style, it’s an expensive and high-maintenance flooring option. However, the biggest downside to this material is the lack of dimensional stability as it changes shape with shifts in temperature and humidity. So, if you are serious about long-term value and waterproofing, laminate flooring in NZ is your preferred choice, especially when it’s enhanced with our AquaREPEL technology.


This switch no longer implies sacrificing appearance for practicality and affordability. With our AquaREPEL water-resistant laminate flooring, you can have the best of both worlds. Enter a custom hardwood floor look in a busy household with potential spills, leaks and heavy traffic.

No more struggling to find the right balance with Power Dekor

We marry the realistic beauty, grain and patina of hardwood to water-repellent, fire-resistant and durable materials. This innovation is unlocked within our latest water-resistant laminate flooring for sale thanks to:

  • 3D imaging

  • Precision embossing

  • AquaREPEL™ technology

With the remarkable leakproof outer layer and core that can withstand moisture for up to 24 hours, you don’t have to choose different flooring materials for separate areas and find this disrupting the overall aesthetics of your space. Our water-resistant laminate is ideal for that natural wood visual appeal and unique ambience throughout – with the convenience of easy installation and cleaning.


While getting hardwood floors in place requires professional skills and level subfloor materials – plus an acclimation period of 1-3 days – our laminate planks are easy to click together. And you don’t have to worry about stepping onto your floor the same day it’s installed.

Eliminating the hassle and frustration

Until recently, taking instant care of any water splashed or tracked onto the floor was a matter of preserving its look and integrity. With AquaREPEL, that’s not an urgent thing anymore.


Striking the right balance between complementing your interiors and ease of cleaning, Power Dekor laminate is the healthiest option resistant to mould and bacteria growth. If you have kids, pets, an active lifestyle and a passion for the outdoors, this water-resistant flooring is just what your home needs.

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