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Premium laminate flooring to transform any shabby floor

Of all flooring options, laminate is your best bet for a quick, budget-friendly makeover. But don’t be misled: premium laminate doesn’t look cheap. With all those grains and textures that mimic the pristine beauty of wood, installing laminate flooring in Auckland always feels like a worthy home upgrade.


If laminate seems like your perfect fit, don’t wait to see what Power Dekor has to offer. When it comes to installation, you can follow our how-to guides for DIYers or get our specialists to lay your laminate wood flooring in Auckland.


Real style built for real life

  • Wood Touch-Exact imaging technology takes realism to the extreme-even to the touch. Richly textured and deeply         grained designs with incredible precision capture the rustic beauty and aged patina of the hardwood floors, bevel edged sides create a timeless hardwood look, which let you enjoy the look and feel of nature wood, without worrying about fading, sanding and buffing.

  • Wood View-Achieve the ultimate luxury with stunning hardwood design, unique clarity and natural luster finish specially designed by our precise technology bring your room grand nobleness and mildness.

  • Wood Nature-The durable surface with natural style is made to stand up high traffic, high impact and general hazard in day to day life. Our realistic embossing technology intensifies the depth and realism of the natural look of sculpture painting design, and also, the traditional smooth wood grain surface brings the great naturism into your room but never goes out of style.

***Please note that the photographs of the flooring here may look slightly different to the actual products because of different computer screens.

Why go premium for laminate flooring in NZ

There’s beauty in simplicity. You’ll find it after installing our premium laminate flooring in your Auckland home. It’s crafted to be easy to lay and maintain while providing all the beauty and elegance of hardwood and tile flooring.

Here are some benefits exclusive to Power Dekor laminate flooring:

  • A wide collection of colours, styles and textures

  • Extreme durability and scratch resistance

  • Affordability compared to what others offer in their premium ranges

To protect your premium laminate flooring from the effect of time, vacuum it regularly. You can also dry-mop it with a clean cloth once a week and damp-mop it every month.


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