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Why Is Wooden Flooring Becoming So Common in Commercial Buildings?

Wood flooring is a popular option for commercial buildings that host clinics, offices, and consultancy businesses. You will also find wooden floors in bars, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants. Here are a few reasons they are a sustainable option compared to carpets.

A wide-angle image showing the interior of a modern commercial building with wooden flooring. The flooring highlights its elegant and clean look, surrounded by stylish furniture and decor. The image showcases the flooring's ability to improve air quality, add value, and provide a timeless aesthetic, emphasizing its suitability for various commercial spaces such as offices, clinics, and restaurants.

Improved air quality

After installing wooden flooring, NZ building owners will experience improved air quality. Carpets attract dust, pollen, and other allergens that make it difficult for building residents. As a result, the air quality decreases. It can be very inconvenient for allergy patients to visit the building.

Therefore, think about the hundreds of people who will enter the building. Most of them will have allergies that surface at different times of the year. Wood floors are the best for better air quality.

Increased return on investment

Wood floors also add value to the property. The return on investment is high when you decide to sell the building to the next owner. Wood floors introduce a timeless attribute and are easy to maintain. The owner will pay more because there are no carpets to replace.

Most owners will replace carpets if the floor is too old or needs additional work. It creates an extra financial burden that they do not want to accept. The work is difficult, and the building may lose its value. Think of the future if there is no intention to sell.


After researching wooden flooring, NZ clients are surprised by the different options. The floor is available in numerous finishes, types, and colors. You can pick the grain and pattern to match the aesthetic. We guarantee you will find a floor you will love.

The option is ideal for commercial buildings that need to appeal to a wide variety of individuals. It will benefit your brand and the energy of the business, so more customers visit.

Long-term use

A wood floor will last you longer than a carpet, especially if you maintain it regularly. A carpet loses its softness and color over time, especially if the foot traffic is high. On the other hand, wood flooring has a higher life expectancy.

However, it is important to note that wood can scratch and fade over time, especially in high-traffic and strong sunlight areas. The advantages of wood flooring are long-term, but regular maintenance is key to preserving its appearance.

Easy to clean

Lastly, wood flooring is easier to maintain. Whether an employee has spilled something or an adult has knocked over a glass of red wine, you can simply wipe the stain. However, the floor can scratch, so it is important to use appropriate cleaning methods.

We suggest cleaning the floor every few days with a mild detergent solution. Wood floors do not retain smells while carpets have a nice scent from the detergent used in cleaning.

Contact Power Dekor Floors today.

Wooden floors add warmth and elegance to the surroundings. The commercial building looks luxurious because the aesthetic appeal has increased manifold. You can contact Power Dekor Floors for more details on high-quality wooden floors. Visit the website for a quote estimation.

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