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The look and feel of real hardwood in waterproof laminate flooring

Have you been searching endlessly for the perfect flooring for your home? Are you into natural wood’s beauty and the durability of tiles? Waterproof laminate flooring gives you the rustic-good look of wood but has properties that address real-world demands – it can handle spills and splashes. Once installed, these coverings are virtually maintenance-free, with their practicality complementing their beauty.

Water-resistant or waterproof laminate flooring? Let’s clear it up

Experts distinguish three types of laminate coverings for residential spaces: traditional, water-resistant and waterproof. And they are not created equal:

  • Traditional laminate flooring is made of HDF. Although not waterproof or water-resistant, it is highly durable and commonly available.

  • Water-resistant covering has a special coating that protects it from water impacts but is not completely water-protected. It can endure spills to a certain extent, but prolonged exposure can still wreak havoc on the core layer.

  • Waterproof laminate flooring incorporates a high-density fibreboard mixed with stone-plastic composites and other minerals to create a waterproof core, providing the necessary stability and strength.

The properties and perks of the latter covering will be discussed in this article. Jumping ahead, your space will always look neat and stylish with it.

Once installed, waterproof laminate flooring requires minimal upkeep

Waterproof laminate flooring layers

So, why does this flooring give you the beautiful look of genuine hardwood protected against water damage? Its planks are composed of four innovative layers. Thanks to them, waterproof laminate flooring can handle spills, splashes and mopping without problems:

  1. Decorative layer on the top that looks like actual wood grains with realistic textures and details. This protective layer safeguards the inner core from fading and scratching.

  2. Waterproof core made of dense fibreboard (i.e. shredded wood shavings) prevents liquid from seeping through. This sturdy layer maximises stability and ensures your flooring retains its shape.

  3. Waterproof underlayment with a moisture barrier to divert spills and leaks. This extra shield helps your flooring stand up to splashes, drips and puddles without warping or swelling.

  4. Backing layer made of a special resin adds further water protection. It also helps reduce noise and provides insulation.

Waterproof laminate flooring that looks like wood and acts like tile

Visually, this flooring can be compared to natural hardwood. It is incredible realism that is enhanced as textured surfaces and embossed wood grain patterns replicate details like knots, splits and wormholes. Rich, saturated colours and multi-tonal hues produce the rustic warmth of distressed wood and weathered barn board. With waterproof laminate flooring under your feet, you feel like walking through a woodland retreat every time you step into the room.

Yet, this flooring resists daily wear and tear damage like tile. Its protective layers prevent dents and gouges that can mar the wood-like surface. You won’t have to live in fear of dropping items, moving furniture or pet nails damaging your flooring.

Unlike wood, however, waterproof laminate flooring is effortless to clean. You can damp-mop it to your heart’s content without any risk. Spills and messes can be wiped right up without soaking into the flooring. There’s no need for special wood cleaners or polishes.

With the multiple advantages over other flooring types, it’s no wonder this covering is becoming more and more sought-after. If you want the timeless appeal of hardwood combined with the functionality of tile, moisture-protected laminate will fit the bill.

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