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Is Your Office or House Hardwood Flooring Aging?

Hardwood flooring is elegant and beautiful. However, the charm begins to fade the more the floors are used. After some time, signs of depreciation begin to occur. Here are a few clear signs that will indicate it is time to change the floor.

Poking out Nails

Aging hardwood flooring will have nails sticking out of the floor. The outcome is especially common in areas with high foot traffic, such as the kitchen or the living room. The nails give the floor a very unattractive appearance.

Moreover, it is painful to walk on the floor with bare feet as well. You do not need to replace the floor if only a few nails are poking out. You can use a hammer to level the floor. A new floor becomes necessary if nails are seen in different sections.


Toddlers, children, and pets mostly cause the strain on the hardwood flooring. Scratches also occur from moving the furniture around. The constant traffic will wear out the floor. A few marks do not need replacement, but they do hurt the character.

Additionally, the floor is at risk of water damage if the scratches are deep and cover a large area. Therefore, it is safer and more cost-efficient to replace the floor rather than wait for the damage to escalate. The new floor will not be at the same risk of spills.


Hardwood flooring begins to creak occasionally. The sound occurs because the floor is expanding in the summer months and contracting when the temperature drops. The yearly expansion and contraction create gaps in the boards. As they move, the floor creaks.

The more frequent the sound, the older the floor is. However, it can be a structural problem as well. You will need to lay down a new floor if it has soft spots. The hardwood floorboard may swell and shrink as well.

A wide-angle image showing an elegantly designed living room with aged hardwood flooring. The floor shows signs of wear, including visible scratches, poking out nails, and creaking gaps. The room is furnished with modern furniture, highlighting the contrast between the worn floor and the stylish decor. This visual emphasizes the need for professional hardwood flooring replacement to maintain the beauty and safety of the space.

Lasting water damage

Homeowners who are ecstatic about hardwood flooring worry about water damage as well. The damage to the floor depends on the type of wood. Solid hardwood is more vulnerable to damage compared to the engineered alternative. The water damage can cause stains and warping.

Water damage occurs because of floods. However, excessive moisture content can harm the floor as well. Therefore, it is time to react quickly to the floor. If the damage is reversible, it can cost you more than the initial installation. Refurnishing is not an option anymore.


The hardwood flooring has passed its prime years if you begin to notice mold growth. The floor will eventually begin to decay and become very weak. Deep cleaning may resolve the mold issue. However, it may surface again.

Contact Power Dekor Today

Hardwood flooring is very long-lasting. You will not need to replace the floor frequently. However, you will need expert help if the damage is at a vast scale. New hardwood floors can change the outlook of your house or office. Whenever you want to change the floor, contact Power Dekor to help you. The team will install, repair, and replace floors expertly.

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