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How or when to underlay laminate flooring in NZ

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Many individuals like the design aesthetic of laminate as a floor covering. Besides being visually appealing, keeping clean is also a challenge. In the right hands, it can be a long-lasting flooring solution. You must use an underlay when installing your laminate floor if you want it to be durable and perform well.

Protection from damage and a longer lifespan is only two of the many advantages of laminate flooring that can be gained by using this technology. As a floating floor, laminate sits freely on top of your existing substrate ensure that the laminate sheets are equally distributed and secured to avoid warping or shifting.

In many cases, irregular or rough subfloors may hurt the laminate application. An underlay helps remove any subfloor irregularities, allowing for a flat and durable laminate installation. The laminate’s locking mechanism can last much longer by having a flat and stable subfloor.

laminate flooring and coffee chairs

How to install the underlayment for laminate flooring:

To begin, thoroughly carefully clean your subfloor. Before going forward, make sure your subfloor is free of any damage. Then, apply the full underlay length of your room, allowing a 10mm gap around the whole pipes. The vapor barrier side of the underlay should face down on concrete subfloors when installed on top of it.

The rubber side of the underlay should face the wood subfloor. Also, any pipes should have a tiny space surrounding them. After that, trim away any extra underlay using a scissor. For hard floors, use vapor tape to seal the cracks of the underlay or a suitable underlay tape for wood subfloors. Laminate flooring can be installed on top of the underlayment if you're satisfied with how well it's adhered to the subfloor.

living room white sofa laminate flooring

The required resources:

  • Put on a dust mask

  • Protective headgear for the ears

  • Hammer

  • Palm sander

  • Padding for the knees

  • Thread line

  • Measuring tape

  • Safety glasses

  • Marker pen

  • Set of scales

Wrapping It Up:

In a moment, you can transform a space in your home by laying down a laminate. This process guide explains how and when to lay the laminate, how to shape the laminate to accommodate corners, and a simple trick to keep your laminated boards close together before you start laying.

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