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Everything you need to know about caring the wooden flooring in NZ:

The elegance and individuality of wooden flooring in NZ are only enhanced by the fact that they require little care and may be maintained looking brand new for decades. If you have wooden floors in your home or company, consider covering them before work begins. Protecting the floor from falling objects, dropped tools, furniture moving, and paint spills will be a significant task.

High-traffic areas often have wood flooring, which traps material, including filth, dust, pollen, and debris. These particles can accumulate on wood floors, making them seem dirty and gritty if not regularly removed. If you have wooden flooring in NZ, you may wonder about the best way to clean and maintain its beauty. You can get started right here.

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A variety of wooden floor options:

Wood floors may retain their stunning scenery and luster with regular weekly or daily cleaning. Suppose you have solid wooden floorings like oak, maple, teak, or walnut. In that case, you'll need to clean it differently than if you have laminate flooring. It employs a photographic image to simulate wood and is coated by a resin layer over a fiberboard. With the wide range of wooden flooring in NZ, here are some standard procedures to follow while cleaning your wood floors.


· Remove any waste instantly:

Wooden floors are permeable and natural, readily absorbing water, oil, and food spills, which may leave unsightly marks and discoloration that are difficult to remove. It's important to respond fast when cleaning up messes, whether it's a baby spilling her juice or your adolescent dropping their plate of pasta.

· Safe and effective cleaners:

While cleaning wooden flooring in NZ, you should never use a solution containing chlorine bleach, ammonia, or vinegar because of the harsh chemicals they include. Instead, pick up a bottle of floor cleaner made particularly for the wood you have. Be cautious about putting any liquids or waxes on a wooden floor.

· Employ a soft broom:

The easiest way to sweep up particles and dirt from wooden flooring without disturbing or darkening the surface is by using a brush with soft nylon or rubber hairs.

· Use a microfiber sweep to remove dust:

A microfiber cleaner mop, instead of a sponge mop, is recommended for thorough dust removal. Wooden flooring in NZ can also be securely vacuumed; use a soft bristle roller attachment. You may use a hoover with a brush attachment to it.



While wooden flooring in NZ is lovely, they are susceptible to damage and eventually loses its brilliance. Regular preventative care is required to maintain wooden floors in good condition. Just as the hardness and color of lumber vary from species to species, so do the necessary cleaning and upkeep techniques.

Power Dekor is the place to go in NZ if you want to upgrade your flooring and have concerns about the options available, including vinyl, laminate, and wood. That matches the criteria and doesn't break the bank for your home.

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