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What is engineered timber flooring and why is it a good option?

When you try to find the best flooring option, it’s a very good idea to try out all the options. There are lots of them on the market, and engineered timber flooring is definitely one of the better options to take into consideration. What makes engineered timber flooring unique is the fact that it’s designed to be reliable, dependable and also easy to adapt to your needs.

engineered timber flooring

What makes engineered timber flooring different?

The interesting thing about engineered timber flooring is that it looks very similar to solid hardwood. That’s why it’s actually ideal for a lot of people, since it helps convey a very good quality for the money. What really makes it different is that it relies on using a thin hardwood layer instead of very thick materials. The hardwood is bonded with a great plywood layer. This is what offers great stability to engineered timber flooring.

If you buy the right engineered timber flooring, then this can last for up to 25 or even 30 years. It’s definitely something durable and you will appreciate its results and value for money. The fact that it’s easy to install on your own is a great upside here. On top of that, engineered timber flooring is not that expensive when compared to other options on the market, which is extremely helpful for those on a tight budget.

In fact, it will cost you around $160 to $200 per square meter installed. By comparison, solid hardwood can be $230 to $300 or more per square meter. You will also need to sand the solid hardwood 3 times during its lifetime. For engineered timber flooring, you just have to do this once, maybe twice.

Other things to consider when buying engineered timber flooring

One of the core advantages of engineered timber flooring is that it resists warping, due to its structure and the materials that you use. Solid hardwood is prone to warping, especially if you keep it in a damp, humid location. The installation method for engineered timber flooring is also quite easy to understand. You can go with gluing, floating.

In addition, the engineered timber is not as thick when compared to solid hardwood. For some projects, this is great because it adds flexibility and it will convey a very good result and experience. It’s the type of thing that will offer you a great solution and quality, while also conveying a very good value for money.


Should you use engineered timber flooring? Yes, it’s an affordable flooring option, it resists warping and it has a very long lifetime. It’s one of those materials that a lot of people like just because it’s durable and very reliable. It’s totally something to keep in mind, especially if you want to invest in flooring that will last for a very long time. We recommend giving it a try for yourself and you will be amazed with its quality and value.

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