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Power Dekor — The flooring your home needs

Breathe new life into your home with Power Dekor, a household name for the best-looking flooring options in New Zealand. Give your place a touch of wood elegance or an extra layer of vinyl resilience — all made to create an inviting, risk-free indoor climate.


We are here to help renovate your place with the amazing aesthetic features of our 12mm AquaREPEL™ laminate flooring, 11mm premium laminate, and 15mm Engineered wood flooring. A great-matching floor covering will take you through the finest textures, colours and patterns that seamlessly blend into your interior design.

Laminate and hardwood flooring that carries no risk into your home

Beautiful, low-maintenance, pet-friendly flooring should not be made to harm your health at the cost of interior style. Our laminate and engineered wood flooring options are low-formaldehyde products with a range of quality certificates proving they are safe to install in residential areas. Step onto the covering that will never put your or your little one’s health at risk.

Save yourself the installation trouble

Choosing your perfect flooring is one thing; installing it is another. If you aren’t ready to get your hands dirty preparing the subfloor and accomplishing other essential steps, we can do it for you. Our technicians will be happy to come to install your vinyl, laminate or wood flooring in Auckland.

Which type of eco flooring in NZ is best for your home

Flooring is one of those things you don’t want to skimp on when you are ready to renovate your home. After all, you walk on it every day! But the diversity of flooring options can get you asking yourself: hardwood flooring or other covers? And which ones?


To better understand what to settle on, let Power Dekor help you with suggestions:

  • If you want it to look like natural stone or wood without getting low on durability, you can’t go wrong with SPC flooring in NZ. It’s affordable for all households and won’t keep you too busy maintaining it. With its unrivalled water-resistance properties, SPC has proven its worth exceptionally well in bathrooms and kitchens that need waterproof flooring.

  • Are you a seeker of natural beauty that radiates warmth and elegance? View our collections of wooden flooring in NZ with its fascinating texture – a timeless symbol of sophistication and luxury. Wood emits a fragrance that will make your home even more comfortable to return to.

Making a choice is never easy. But what’s easy is to be sure that whatever flooring you pick, Power Dekor brings its quality to the highest range.

12mm Water-resistance Laminate Flooring

Pet Friendly- ENGINEERED HARDWOOD FLOORING for your life style
Power Deko AquaREPEL™

Pet Friendly

You cannot ask your pets be careful when drinking, let alone sometimes it may just be upset and bring some "surprise". With AquaREPEL™, take it easy.

Daily Spills Friendly

Have spills when cooking or washing?

With AquaREPEL™, take it easy, just enjoy lovely cooking hours, do not let accidents disturb you.

Easy Cleaning

Vacuum cleaner removes debris from floors, but will leave stain as it is.

With AquaREPEL™, take it easy, floors can be wet mopped, making your deep cleaning a breeze.

easy to clean waterproof  Premium laminate flooring
With AquaREPEL™, take it easy, floors can be wet mopped, making your deep cleaning a breeze

Breath EASY

Indoor Air Quality Guarantee for a Healthier Home

Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Auckland


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Power Deko Logo


    Sold in 33 countries across the 5 continents


                      Retail stores in Asia


                      Over 20,000 employees

In 1995, Power Dekor founders discovered laminate flooring during a vist to Europe while at that time in China, wood flooring referred to solid wood only. This trip opened a new chapter to those founder's life, why not introduce this beautiful and functional flooring into China? So they did it.


Nowadays, Power Dekor Group owns 3,000 specialty stores in China, 5 overseas subsidiaries and several distributors across Southeast Asia and Oceania. And, has establised strategic cooperation with partners in South America, Europe and South Asia.

Power Dekor New Zealand was established in 2013 in order to better serve the Pacific market.

We are committed to creating the highest quality, most beautiful, innovative flooring in order to best serve our customers, our employees and our partners. We value people just as much as we do our floors because to us, people matter most. Our Company is committed to being flexible, creative, reliable, courageous, ethical and transparent.



5 Star Customer Reviews

5 stars customer review best wood flooring auckland

"Excellent Service and quality. Dedicate and professional Power Dekor Team helped us to create a beautiful floor. Thanks Linson"

- Jin Hong

"Very satisfied with the work and good customer service and advise."

- Kuan Lucas

"Great people to deal with and thanks for the work done."

- Maurie Robertson

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